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Why Us

  • AJNI is an infrastructure with a fusion of Time Tested Technology, Operating System which matches the highest standards practiced in this industry and a team of technocrats, highly competent and experienced professionals, result out the Quality Products.
  • All Products are developed, manufactured and assembled under one roof which ensures that Specific Requirements of Client can be incorporated into the Design and meet the Customers Requirement.
  • Team of Multi-Skilled personnel for on-site execution and installation with experience of International and Overseas Market to meet the Product Erection / Installation.
  • State of Art Technology & Innovations.
  • Products come Completely Factory made and Modular to facilitate on-site installation time saving.
    • A Major advantage to our Products is its ability to be enlarged without having to tear the entire room down. Wall Panels and Ceiling Grids can be easily removed / added as per future needs. Rooms may be totally freestanding or may be used in combination with existing walls. This would safeguard your facility from contamination during installation and make the Process Safe and Easy.
    • The Modular, but ‘Tailor Made’, concept permits quick expansion, re-arrangements and relocation of the Clean Room and System.
    • Our Research & Development with innovation in products, pride in workmanship and dedication to Quality Products and Installation is evidenced with our Success proven by our valued Clients.