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Flush Doors

  • We offer a complete range of Flush Doors with Vision Panels designed to integrate into wall systems like Sandwhich Panels / Partition and Masonary wall for Clean Room Application.These are Scientific Doors specialy for Clean Room Applications.
  • The Doors are designed and manufactured to meet the Clean Room requirements. These are Sandwiched Type Flush Doors with provison of Vision Panels as per customer requirements / sizes. The Door accessories are of International Standard i.e. Hinges, Handle, Locks and Door Closers. The Doors are Powder Coated with different shade colors available as per AJNI Shade card meeting Customer Requirements.
  • The Flush Doors are exclusively provided with Aluminium Door Frames with a provision of groove for proper gasket fitting which ensures Air tight fitting / closing of Door. This is our speciality in Clean Room Doors.
  • All Vision Panels Glass are fixed flush to both faces of the Door from factory in a controlled environment with unique techniques.
  • Optional Hardware Available :-
    1. 1. Dropseal
    2. 2. Silicon Rubber Gasket for door frame and door leaf
    3. 3. Door Guard / Fender
    4. 4. SS Kick Plate, etc...
  • All Standard Door Frames are of Aluminium Profile exclusively provided to avoid rusting and due to special design in Aluminium Profile for the fitment of rubber gasket which results porper sealing and Air tightness of the door.
  • Long Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminium Profile.
  • All Doors are insulated with Polyurethane / Rock Wool insulation and as per customers requirement.
  • High Quality Accessories of International Standard are used.
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