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Modular Laboratory Furniture

  • The Modular Lab Furniture of National & International standard available to suit any Laboratory Requirements.
  • Our Designs & Moulding ensures a High level of Convenience, Storage and Safety there by increasing the maximum utility of these equipments.
  • Each separate module is sealed with a unique press fitting System, which makes it easy to interchange the module. We are the only manufacturer in India to offer this unique Design.
  • All Hardware used is of International Standard with SS Screws & Nut-Bolts.
  • Reagent Rack and Work Bench ensure all essential services are within easy reach of the Lab Technicians.
  • Smooth Surface ensures access to easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Interchangeable, Relocatable and Easy to install and maintain.
  • All Lab Furniture are processed on CNC Machine with press fit arrangement and there is no welding done on any part which ensures no gaps in between results no bacterial / Pest development scope inside.
  • Factory Finish and Easy Housekeeping-manageable.
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