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Walk On Ceiling

Our Ceiling Panels are either Walk On or Non Walk On made as per customer requirements which are built for all fitments / penetration to accommodate accessories used in a Clean Room Application.

  • Ceilings are Customized as we can provide all provision for Light, HEPA, LAF etc as required.
  • Ceilings are available in Progressive & Non Progresive Type.
  • Ceilings are having peripheral Aluminium Profile and Post Caps for easy access for Cabling.
  • Ceilings are provided with Self Suspended System and are not mounted or rested on the partition walls which allows easy access for removale of partitions in case of Entry / Exit.
  • Ceilings are provided with unique Hanging Systems. Our Ceiling is installed independently from the Partitioning, giving greater relocatable advantage for subsequent layout changes.
  • Walk On Ceiling Panels are custom built to the Customer's Specifications for Point Load, Deflections, Thickness and Surface requirement making it easy for maintenance personnel to carry out servicing tasks easily by Walking on the Ceiling. In Normal Course the Walk On Ceiling can withstand the load upto 120 Kgs/m.
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